Hermetic Psychology


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System according to the book "Initiation Into Hermetics" by Franz Bardon

Element Fire

Jod — Fire = Omnipotence, (Willpower)

Electric Fluid = Hot, Dry, Expansion

Perceptive organ = Eye - Seeing

Temperament = Choleric

Connection to the macrocosm:

1. Sun - 5. Mars

Aries - Leo - Sagittarius


Fire - Positive

Fire - Negative

1. will-power, strength of will

1.a) misuse of power over animals and people, destructive driving force, sadism, arson, murder (causes, among others: jealousy, envy)
  b) surplus of Water element: Weak will-power, mental weakness, depression, mental numbness, suicide

2. resolution, powers of self-assertion

2. irresolution, shyness

3. self-control - strick with oneself

3.a) lack of self-control outwardly: rage, wrath, fury, quarrelsomeness, vindictiveness, hate, annihilation driving force, frenzy, passion
  b) lack of self-control inwardly: weakness, self-torture, self-torment, masochism (misled self-knowledge)

4. stamina, firmness in persuing goals

4. weakness, instability, scattered thoughts and strengths, resignation

5. freedom, immune, unaffected, free of sensuality

5. slavery: dependence on sensual and material driving forces and desires

6. boldness, daring

6.a) wantonness, recklessness
  b) fear, trepidation, cowardness

7. diligence, activity, industriousness

7.a) restlessness, hectic, hyperactivity

  b) lack of interest, passivity, indifference, laziness, sluggishness

8. enthusiasm, joy

8.a) effusiveness, exaltation
  b) disinterest, obtuseness

9. presence of mind, being totally "there", being fully conscious of every action or thought, see also "Earth" element

9.a) confusion, inattentiveness
  b) sluggishness, mental tiredness

10. active helpfulness, care, social cooperation

10. indifference, carelessness, social apathy,


Element Air

He — Air = Omniscience - Wisdom

Neutral fluid — Warm - Moist

Organ of Perception = Ear (Hearing)

Intellect, Reason

Temperament = Sanguine

Connection to the macrocosm:

Jupiter (Wisdom), Mercury (Knowledge)

Gemini — Libra — Aquarius


Air - Positive

Air - Negative

1. interest in people, the world and the cosmos

1. lack of interest, indifference

2. thirst for knowledge, willingness to learn, powers of judgement

2. mentally lazy, unwillingness to learn, lack of powers of judgement, contentment in ignorance

3. courage (level-headedness, foresight)

3.a) wantonness, recklessness, careless, negligence, not level-headed

  b) cowardness, fear, trepidation, resignation, depression, fickleness

4. strive for wisdom, for spiritual perfection (idealism, asceticism)

4.a) contentment in imperfection, indifference to ones own imperfection

  b) laziness, sluggishness

5. not criticising or judging people or situations (I didn't create the world or man! I must assess but not judge.)
Respect the freedom of everyone!

5. addicted to criticising: criticising and/or judging people, natural phenomenon or the like.
Not respecting the freedom of other people.

6. truthfulness, honesty

6. lying, untruthfulness, calumny, boasting

7. objectivity

7.a) overestimating, prejudging, subjectivity
  b) underestimating, carelessness

8. optimism, joy, humour

8.a) effusiveness, illusionism

  b) pessimism, melancholy, depression - lack of humour

9. tolerance, generosity, liberality, good-naturedness

9. intolerance, pettiness, stinginess, maliciousness, vicious

10. agile mindedness, adaptability

10.a) lack of agile mindedness, superficiality
   b) ponderous, tiredness, oafish

11. skill, alertness

11. inattentiveness, lack of concentration

12. attentiveness, astuteness

12.a) inattentiveness, lack of concentration
     b) sleepiness, dulness


Element Water

Vau — Water = All-embracing love

Magnetic Fluid — Cold and Moist - Attraction

Organ of Perception = Feelings

Temperament = Melancholic

Connection to the macrocosm:

7-Venus, 9-Moon

Cancer — Scorpio — Pisces


Water - Positive

Water - Negative

1. esteem, friendliness, sympathy for the world (man and nature)

1. disregard, unfriendliness, antipathy (possible causes: dumness, prejudice, over sensitiveness, week self-consciousness)

2. love, goodness, forgiving

2.a) jealousy, envy, hate, vindictiveness, annihilation driving force
  b) emotional frigidity, indifference

3. erotic moderation, chastity and purity (For the pure, everything is pure)

3. erotic immoderation and excessiveness, unchaste, perversity, sadism

4. sensitivity, pity, interest, warm disposition

4. apathy, superficiality, emotional frigidity, pitiless

5. seriousness, dignity, reverence, esteem, devotion,reverence

5. lack of seriousness, lack of dignity, disregard, dishonour,

6. religiousness, esteem and tolerance regarding other people's religions or world conceptual beliefs

6. no piety, disregard for other people's sacred and religious beliefs (Atheism, Darwinism)

7. thankfulness regarding the spiritual world, spiritual guide, teacher or master, knowledge of Karmic laws

7. unthankfulness = not acknowledging Karmic laws = stagnation in spiritual development

8. modesty, humbleness (He who has much is not rich, rather he who needs little!)

8. immodesty, overbearance, waste, vanity, greed

9. forgiveness, tenderness

9. addiction to criticizing and judging, revenge, coarseness, brutality

10. patience, being able to wait, tolerance, endurance

10.a) impatience, intolerance, irritableness

   b) apathy, obtuseness

11. trust, faith

11. mistrust, unbelief


Element Earth

He-Earth = Omnipresent - all-pervasive

Electo-Magnetic Fluid - Cold and Dry

(Self) Consciousness - Taste, Smell

Temperament: Phlegmatic

Connection to the macrocosm:

Zone Girdling the Earth

Taurus — Virgo — Capricorn


Earth - Positive

Earth - Negative

1. consciousness, self-consciousness, ...

1.a) weakening of the self, loss of self, dream-sleep consciousness, medial state
  b) hardening of the self, egoism

2. discretion

2. talkativeness, betraying secrets, uncontrol

3. selflessness, helpfulness, altruism when dealing with money and other things of value

3. selfish, egoism, greed for money, striving for earthly things

4. justice, responsibility, consciensciousness

4. injustice, irresponsibility, consciousless, carelessness, negligence

5. equanimity, composure, objectivity, soberness

5.a) irritability, sensitivity, nervousness
  b) indifference, obtuseness

6. concentration abilities in the spiritual and physical areas, determination

6. weak concentration abilities, scatteredness, laziness

7. order, systematic, exactness, thoroughness, punctuality

7. disorder, unsystematic, faultiness, superficiality, not punctual, unreliability

8. resistance abilities, firmness, stamina

8. false compliancy, weakness, instability

9. moderateness

9.a) immoderacy (eating, drinking, etc.), waste, overbearing, arrogance, boasting, bragging
  b) pettiness, greed, rapacity

10. trust in oneself, independence, balance

10. weakening of the self, no independance, reliance on others, insecurity

11. wisdom, freedome, immunity, unassailability, imperturbability

11. self-opinionated, bigotted = judgement without knowledge, hanging onto earthly goods and people, jealousy

12. ...

12. attachment to events of the past or plans for the future

13. self-control, asceticism (mental, astral and physical)

13. uncontrol, no sense of ascetism

14. honour

14. dishonour

15. wisdom

15. lack of wisdom

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